• Company Feature.

    Foremost Agricultural Consulting firm in Nigeria with quality goods and services.

Our Core Value.

Bringing out the best in every farmer,please contact +2348028686234

Equipments and products

Cages,Consultancy, Day old chicks, Point of Lay birds, Cages, Poultry incubators, defeathering machines, debeakers, automatic bell drinkers, gas brooders, feeders, and transport crates. We also write plans, design farms and take contracts in farm set ups.


Two Veterinarians, seven Engineers, three Agriculturist, A Lawyer, An Accountant, and other experts.


To provide farmers with quality and up to date information, machinery and animal stock at a considerate price and also in any quantity.

Our Featured Blog

Lots of articles that keeps you abreast about poultry farming,click www.farmergiant.info for more information.

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